About four weeks ago I came to Western Technical College to start my career and further my education. I decided to take the Marketing Management Program because I wanted a job that would never replace me and allow me to create new interactions with people from all around. Marketing does not just have to do with advertising but, with everything that has to do with a product and how it can be sold. Considering I am originally from Viroqua, Wisconsin it was an easy choice to find out about Western, and when they offered a dorm, I was hooked to come here over a different Technical College for the marketing program. After staying in the dorm for about four and a half weeks it has been a blast, and I am glad to have come to this college. The dorm blew me away by the size, and it is very close to all my classes, so I can walk and not have to worry about driving or taking my bike to get to class.

The classes I am currently taking are Marketing Career Preparation, Selling Principles, Promotion Principles, and Marketing Principles. All the classes I take are great and help me to learn more about marketing and how it can help me land a job in the future. For Selling Principles I was able to go and interview a local salesperson at Gillette Pepsi. With some questions I had written up I talked to Kevin about what he has to do to become a helpful salesperson and what he does to generate prospects into customers for the company. Kevin showed me what it is like to be in the sales world and I sat and thought about how I might want to be there someday because of how it would be something I would like to do. The classes I am in have helped me to understand more about the marketing world and to see what I would want to do once I graduate.

There are some short-term and long-term goals I would like to accomplish before I graduate from college. Some of the short goals I would like to achieve are,

Some of the long-term goals I would like to accomplish after or right before I finish college are,

Although it has only been four weeks, I am still pleased I choose Western Technical College to further my education. Going for marketing has made school fun for me, and I enjoy to go to class every single day. To build a website for myself has been a fantastic way to show people who I am and allowing me to get in contact with businesses about job opportunities. With these opportunities, I should easily be able to find a job for what I am looking to do. Western has made me love school, and it can do the same for you if you know what you want to do after you finish college.

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