Coca-Cola and It’s 130 Years of Marketing Experience

In a recent article, I read published on the content marketing institute where we got a behind the scenes look at Coca Cola’s Storytelling and the way they market the brand itself. The product of Coca-Cola has not changed for over 130 years, so the company itself has to change the way they market the stories they tell about Coca-Cola itself.

Chief Content Officer magazine interviewed Kate Santore who is the marketing content manager at Coca-Cola. The first thing Kate does with her team when it comes to thinking of a new story is to ask ” What If.” Most of the stories Coca-Cola has had have come from this reference to think of creat commercials to make customers draw to a product that has not changed for over 130 years. Like the saying ” what if we wanted to buy a world a coke” and this came up with the 1970 commercial of the people standing on top of the mountain singing ” I’d like to buy the world a Coke.” With all the different nations there with all different types of people, it was one thing many countries had in common even if they varied differently from one another.

Like Kate said, “If the story can be told without @CocaCola, then it’s not a Coca-Cola story, says @Kate_McLaughlin.”  Many of the stories about Coca-Cola are not even created by Coca-Cola itself. Around 80 percent of the content created online is by fans. Majority of the stories are not even produced because they were given money from Coca-Cola they just felt such a connection with the company that they wanted to promote on there own.

With all the other competition out there trying to sell products like Coca-Cola, Kate likes to use her competitors as inspiration. She sends emails to her team labeled as  ” Work That Makes Me Jealous.” She uses the work they have created to give her ideas on ways to promote her products in ways that will get into someone feeling. You only remember a commercial because you had feelings for it. That is why Kate tries to create stories that will hit in the heart to make you feel a connection with Coke.

Kate Santore has given the community great ideas to use when marketing products they use in there own company. The “What If” is excellent to use and will allow you to create some excellent content with feeling behind it.


Kollin Burckhardt

Western Technical College

Marketing Management Program



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