Marketing research is one of the essential steps for businesses looking to narrow down a target segment. The research can be used to collect data to help find information a company might never know.

Marketing research is the formal way to communicate with the environment. The steps in marketing research are; formulate the problem, determine research design, determine data collection method, design sample, collect data, analyze and interpret data, and prepare the research report. You can also obtain data by using secondary data and not having to create surveys or observe people to find out your data but just to go and find information online or in a book.

For my marketing research class, we decided to do marketing research for a downtown clothing company called Dales clothing. To get most of our data we created a two-page survey that asked some questions about apparel to help understand ways to bring more people downtown to his store. I gained a huge amount of experience with people and skills of creating a survey by doing this project. The experience I learned in class is the right questions will yield a great set of data to help solve a situation at hand. We decided to choose Dales Clothing because one of my team members named Austin works for the company and knows Dale very well. This results from the survey gave Dale some great information to help target different segments and ways to bring more people to his store. This project helped our team with communication skills and to use the time we had to get this extensive project done.

Using the databases (ReferenceUSA), we learned from the class was one of the best ways we learned to find secondary data. The best way we found to find a way to look at other surveys and to get a grip on what questions we should ask on our own. SuveyCrafter Pro helps to interpret data to show the differences between male and female when it comes to clothing preference. Teamwork skills and time management skills are a must in long-term research projects so you can help each other on each step along the way while not falling behind. I gained excellent communication skills with my teammates to know how they think the survey should look or what information they think would be useful in the report. I learned excellent leadership skills form this project to help lead my team when we all needed help in completing the assignments.

In conclusion, this project helped me boost knowledge of the marketing world and to help show my future employers the work I have created. This project helps sharpen many skills to help in your career in the marketing world. Dales Clothing was great to help out and has allowed me to gain significant experience.

Dales Clothing PDF report

Western Technical College

Marketing Management

La Crosse, WI


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