The Importance of Retail Policies

Policies are one of the hardest things to know if you should put into place when you are running a company. Usually, the policies are set before there is a problem, but something always comes up the standard policies never cover. I believe that policies are great if there is a problem that needs to […]

Personal Brand Growth

When I first started at Western Technical College, I never knew that this program would allow me to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to accomplish the tasks the jobs I want to require. Through the classes from last year into this year, it has allowed me to figure the profession I want […]

Top Current Trends in Store Design

Some of the newest trends have been explained by Randal Retail Group to help retailers with there store and how to attract customers to buy their products. You can read the whole article here:¬†¬† the topics that are covered in the article help with all the unique designs you could use to help attract customers […]