When I first started at Western Technical College, I never knew that this program would allow me to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to accomplish the tasks the jobs I want to require. Through the classes from last year into this year, it has allowed me to figure the profession I want to go into and what type of marketing would be best for me. The classes I thought best allowed me to develop my skills were marketing research, social media strategies, marketing management, project management, and personal brand management.

Personal brand management allowed me to figure out how an employer would view me before I start at the company or right before I am going to go into an interview. MY personal brand statement is;

“A creative, hard worker who strives to help make marketing solutions for companies and clients alike.”

This statement allows my future employer to be able to know how I am company based and want to be able to grow it as much as possible. With the skills such as

These will allow any future employer to see that with the growth of my personal brand and the knowledge I have gained at Western Technical College that I can accomplish anything.

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