PR/Earned Media-YouTube

The video below describes how YouTube is created to allow for customers of products to develop videos reviewing the products and showing the viewers about the product. These videos allow for some of the customers to want to buy the product from the same company. Western Technical College Marketing Management Program La Crosse, Wisconsin

Paid Sponsorship

Paid Sponsorship What is Paid Sponsorship? Sponsorship is what is used by companies to promote their products or business by giving money to another group to help support their own. Advantages Can be seen by millions or people You can sponsor an event at any time of the year Events are held year round Sponsorships […]

In-App, Mobile device, and Gaming Paid Advertising

The video below describes what mobile ads are and what the advantages and disadvantages of in-app ads. Also, the video tells you about what misconceptions of in-app advertising are. Marketing Management Student Western Technical College La Crosse, Wisconsin

Internet Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) The video below shows how to help you understand what search engine optimization is and how your website ranks on the search engine results page. Western Technical College Marketing Management Student La Crosse, Wisconsin


The infographic below shows what I want for my brand. I am a hard worker who likes tasks done right and on time. I want to become the best at whatever I am assigned to do and will do anything to allow me to get there. These goals make me who I am, and cars […]

My Journey to Western Technical College

About four weeks ago I came to Western Technical College to start my career and further my education. I decided to take the Marketing Management Program because I wanted a job that would never replace me and allow me to create new interactions with people from all around. Marketing does not just have to do […]


 :an Internet Owned Media In this video, I show what YouTube is and how it can help sell or market products to potential prospects. I also post the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube and how it can help a company grow. Marketing Management student Western Technical College La Crosse, Wisconsin